American Turned Products

Process & Metrology

Mistake-Proofing Applications

We mistake-proof at the machine level ensuring quality at the source. SPC, tool monitoring , certified operator training, Six Sigma, and visual management tools such as Quality Systems Basics help us to strive for a rejection rate of zero parts-per-million. Mistake-proofing applications vary anywherfrom for length, diameter, to feature presence.



Quality Verification Systems

As part of our Quality Verification Systems program, American Turned along with customer input identifies opportunities to further ensure zero defects in fit, form and function, and critical characteristics.  Many applications include automated systems with opticals, eddy current, lasers, and length and depth contact gauging capabilities.



Best In Class Quality

Achieving “Best in Class” status is a result of exceeding industry benchmarks in critical measures that drive Operational Excellence at American Turned. Although we constantly measure more than 100 variables through our parts and processes, our focus on lean manufacturing principles, lowest labor cost per part, operational flexibility, and zero defects are central to our mission of being a world-class supplier.


Metrology Lab: Test and Measurement Equipment

The Gage Talker SPC system is used on our shop floors to evaluate process controls and proactively make process changes in order to consistently guarantee a quality product. Some of our quality assurance equipment include:

  • Zeiss Direct Computer Control Coordinating Measuring Machine (CMM)
  • RAM Optical Vision System
  • Contour Gauging System
  • Contour Gauging System
  • Comparitors
  • Laser Micrometers
  • Hardness Testers
  • Profilometers
  • Formscans
  • Over 3000 Handheld Gauges     
  • Micro-Particle Test Stand for cleanliness specifications


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