American Turned Products


Contract Precision Machining Specialists Since 1984
A contract machining specialist serving customers worldwide, American Turned Products was established in 1984, in a small plant on Erie's east side, by current president Jerry Eighmy. Prior to ATP's existence, the Eighmy family have been involved with contract machining dating back as far as the 1950's. In 1987, ATP expanded its operations by moving into the current Erie plant location.  By the end of 1989, ATP opened their El Paso, TX facility to primarily service the Mexican automotive assembly plants.  Then in 1998, ATP built a third plant in Fairview, PA which also includes the corporate offices.  Since then, ATP strategically sold the El Paso operation and has focused on North American and worldwide operations from Northwest Pennsylvania.  ATP's role today primarily involves high volume contract precision machining & assembly for several industries with the majority of the volume representing the automotive market. 

Fairview PlantSince inception, ATP has worked hard to establish a technologically oriented employee culture and the approach has evolved into one which embraces industry advances and subsequently makes them a part of the contract machining process. Effective communication is also a primary objective and focus has remained on both retaining a team-oriented working environment and ensuring quick, reliable lines of communication within the company and throughout the supply chain.  In 1998, ATP was awarded the Erie County Employer of the Year.

Erie PlantATP's unique selling proposition is our willingness to take risks. We welcome the opportunity to manufacture complex parts to extremely close tolerances if required. In fact, we look forward to meeting contract machining challenges which other companies may not be willing to take.  "We like the 'tough stuff'"!

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